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'How Soon Is Now' (said Morrissey and others...)

What haven't you done before? Climbed a mountain, painted a self-portrait, paraglided...? What about tying a shoelace, getting dressed on your own, going on a bus? There's always a first time for everything that we take for granted. But the truth is, we do so many things 'for the first time' that it's easy to think we cannot do new and exciting things. They're too hard, not for me, I couldn't do that...could I?

Our past does not define our future. It's gone and it's pointless dwelling on it. Learn and grow, but do not play back the movie of the past on repeat-cycle because the facts won't change. We have to manage our emotions and our feelings to succeed, let the future motivate us to take action now. If you think big thoughts, they are already so real because you own them, they're wonderful and they're yours. "I could..." is so much better than "Why can't I change the past?"

So what's your dream? What are your 'best thoughts' about your dream? Your mind is a fantastic tool that creates your unique blueprint for action. So your self-belief is always about you and no-one else. You and new are the perfect match!

There are ways this can happen. With the curiosity of a child, and with a little help sometimes, you can do what you believe you can do.

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