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What Is Callery?

I'm Andy Griffiths, Director of Callery. I specialise in improving performance and outcomes of individuals and teams, as well as organisations such as schools, local authorities, and other public, private and third sector bodies. My aim is to contribute to making a positive and real difference to people's lives and I want to help you by using my experience to support you with your particular needs. With significant experience and achievement in senior roles in Scottish education, I can also provide excellent support in the development of many educational areas. The power of your own determination and belief is key to success and I can help you unlock that potential.


The callery pear tree was badly damaged at 9/11, but rescued and replanted at The World Trade Centre in New York City. It was loved, nurtured and cared for and to me it represents strength, determination and growth in adversity. It's a beautiful symbol of what I hold dear. My own personal as well as professional experiences have put resilience, compassion and integrity at the heart of all I do. In a time where we face significant challenges, I can provide my support, unique experience and help for you that will improve and develop the outcomes that you want to achieve. I use proven improvement methodologies and processes, and I adapt my approach to suit your particular needs.  I will work with you to sustain improvement, deliver your goals, and support you with passion, care and commitment. I  love to work in both virtual and live settings across the UK and internationally, so please contact me for an informal discussion and to find out more. 

Andy Griffiths

"Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be." Marsha Petrie Sue

My background

I am a highly experienced and skilled senior leader with recent major executive roles in local authority, regional and national areas of Scottish education as well as children's services. I have ten years experience as a Head of Education as well as regional and national leadership roles in major education developments. I have led outstanding improvements in educational performance and outcomes, strategically developed learning and teaching policy, introduced an innovative new curriculum for schools, and led on quality assurance, self-evaluation and improvement for large local authorities. My work has improved outcomes for children and young people from ages 3-18, including improvements in school attainment as well young people moving into positive post-school destinations. I have managed combined budgets in excess of £200m, and led on developing improvement and performance at every level, including wider corporate executive leadership roles in best value and improvement.

My breadth of experience is unique. In a time where we face major challenges, I believe strongly in leading with integrity. My approach and my methods help people to embrace any development with belief and motivation. I have led hundreds of schools, as well as early years provision, wider children’s services, employability and skills development and have a range of skills in a wide variety of areas such as school and public sector leadership, improving performance, digital solutions and building successful teams. I have also forged successful partnerships with Further and Higher Education establishments, including workforce development and initial teacher education improvements. I am experienced in supporting diverse communities, including areas of significant deprivation. My experience and skills are highly transferable across sectors and in a wide variety of settings. 

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