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What I Offer

With a wide range of experience, I can offer support in improvement, development, refinement, enhancement...your needs are the most important consideration. Your ambitions, your aspirations and your hopes are at the core of any journey.

I love working with people, whether individually or with teams. Presentations, workshops, improvement programmes, specific development areas, coaching, leadership, training...I could go on! There will probably be specific areas that you want support with...and I am always happy to discuss with you how I can help.

I am keen to work with schools, local authorities, colleges/universities, the wider public and third sectors and private sector organisations. Whatever your area of work and whatever your focus, I am able to work with you face-to-face or online to meet your needs. My experience in working with individuals and teams to gain excellent results will provide you with high quality support in the way that you want.

I have significant experience, knowledge and practical application of leading performance and improvement at the highest levels in the public sector, through a range of frameworks including the 'How Good Is Our...' suite of quality improvement tools and methods, the EFQM Excellence Model, Best Value Audit Scotland, Kaizen For Daily Improvement and Local Government Benchmarking Frameworks. I have many years of working and co-delivering with inspection and regulatory bodies such as Education Scotland, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education and Audit Scotland and can apply my knowledge, skills and learning to your particular environment.

The following gives you a flavour of what I can provide (not an exhaustive list!):

  • Individual, team and organisational improvement

  • Improving performance

  • Cultural development

  • Leadership development

  • Governance

  • Curriculum development and design

  • Improving learning and teaching

  • Coaching and professional development

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Transformational change

  • Resilience

  • Managing challenging situations

  • Public speaking

  • Writing on professional topics

Motivation and strength
Andy Griffiths
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